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The health of our mouth and teeth influences our general health, well being and quality of life. From eating, speaking to smiling the mouth and teeth require regular care and maintenance to function well. We at Arana Plaza Dental will help you and your family maintain your oral health and help you combat the whole range of dental diseases that can affect your teeth and mouth.

Preventive Dentistry

Oral examination
Thorough regular checkups will help identify problems in the mouth and teeth early. This will allow early treatment and prevent dental diseases from getting worse, which can often require extensive and costly treatment to rectify at a later stage.

Tooth decay and cavities, gum disease, excessive tooth wear and even oral cancer, when identified early will have very good treatment outcomes.

Digital x-ray and intra-oral camera
Essential to aid accurate diagnosis and enhance treatment procedures. You will also be able to see and understand why and where treatment is necessary.

Diet, lifestyle and oral hygiene advice
Most diseases of the mouth and teeth are caused by the wrong diet, poor lifestyle choice and inadequate levels of oral hygiene. You will be advised on simple to follow procedures which can make a vast improvement to the health of your teeth and mouth.

Teeth cleaning
Regular professional teeth cleaning (scaling and polishing) is a cost effective procedure that maximizes the health of your gums. The gums are the foundation that holds your teeth and give them strength and stability.

Mouth guards
If you participate in contact sports like a lot of us do, mouth guards are essential in minimizing trauma to your teeth and their supporting structures. Trauma to teeth is very debilitating and can cause significant aesthetic problems and also financial costs.

Occlusal splints or night guards protect teeth from excessive wear and cracks from involuntary night time teeth grinding or clenching. Often teeth grinding (bruxism) or clenching leads to serious dental problems and can also give rise to headaches and neck pains.

Children's Dentistry

Your child’s experience with good dental health will provide him/her with confidence and will help provide life-long skills in maintaining a mouth free from disease. Tooth decay unfortunately is still prevalent in our society. We can work with your child in a friendly environment, educating them on how to clean their teeth and on their diet and also at the same time providing them with excellent dental care, allowing them to grow up in an environment where they will regard the dentist as a friend and mentor in a life-long journey with good dental health.

Fissure Sealants
New permanent teeth have deep grooves which make them prone to decay. Fissure sealants or groove sealants when applied early will protect these teeth from developing decay and save your child from experiencing pain and avoid costly repair work.

Orthodontic diagnosis
We will also be able to identify and diagnose early if your child has growth problems with the teeth and jaws so that appropriate orthodontic treatment can be performed to allow normal growth and to achieve a fabulous smile.

Mouth guards
An essential preventive appliance if your child is into contact sports. Trauma to teeth is often debilitating and costly to rectify. We provide custom fitted mouth guards so that your child can continue with their favourite sport, knowing that their teeth and gums are protected.


Do check with us if your child is eligible for Medicare bulk billing dental services under the Child Dental Benefit Scheme.

Cosmetic Dentistry

The modern lifestyle dictates that we should all have good looking teeth to create a wonderful smile. We can help you achieve that in a variety of ways.

Teeth whitening
A simple and safe procedure to remove external discolouration from your teeth, which occurs due to the colouring in the foods we enjoy and is also a part of aging.

Ceramic veneers and crowns
An effective procedure to improve your smile where there are gross teeth discolouration or defects with the shape of the teeth.

Tooth coloured restorations
Routinely used to repair cavities in teeth. They can also be used to improve the colour of your teeth and enhance your smile.

Tooth recontouring

An easy and safe method to reshape your teeth. Teeth can get misshapened from over-wear at a certain spot merely from day-to- day functioning.

Missing Teeth

There is no more need to put up with gaps in your smile. Missing teeth can be a big aesthetic problem and also affects the ability to chew. Furthermore, if the gap is left long enough the neighbouring tooth will collapse into the gap, causing more bite problems.

Dental Implants
A state-of- the-art treatment to replace missing teeth, allowing you to chew and smile as if you are having all your natural teeth again. Implants are made of titanium and also help to prevent more bone loss from the jaws.

A tried and tested cost effective treatment to replace missing teeth. The short learning curve to getting use to using removable dentures is easily overcomed. We will help you regain your chewing ability and improve your smile along the way.


In some cases where all options are exhausted and the teeth cannot be saved, teeth removal becomes necessary.

If the tooth has been so structurally weakened or becomes loose from advance periodontal (gum) disease, we may not have a choice other than to remove the diseased tooth.

Very large cavities or deep fractures can cause the tooth to be so weakened that it may not be worth saving.

Advance periodontal (gum) disease can render the tooth so loose that it becomes painful when chewing. This also necessitates the removal of the tooth.

We strive to perform teeth extractions with the least discomfort, utilizing the gentlest techniques.

Root Canal Treatment

In situations when the decay has irreversibly affected the nerve in the tooth, the tooth can be saved by performing root canal treatment, as long as the tooth has sufficient tooth structure.

Root canal treatment is comfortable and painless as the tooth will be numb during the procedure. After the root canal treatment has been completed, the tooth will be filled and a crown constructed to give the tooth strength and allow it to function as normal again.

Restorative Dentistry

One of the most commonly performed dental procedures to fill cavities in teeth, strengthen weakened teeth and replace missing teeth.

The use of tooth-coloured fillings has the advantage of repairing cavities in your teeth and at the same time allowing your teeth to look naturally aesthetic.

Crowns are used when your tooth has been structurally weakened from large cavities or from large fillings done previously. Crowns can be thought of as a helmet that envelops your tooth, giving it strength and maintaining its natural look.

Implants, in combination with crowns or bridges, will replace your missing teeth to restore normal functioning and natural aesthetics.

Periodontal (gum) Therapy

Long-term poor oral hygiene and smoking often lead to gum inflammation, bleeding and loss of bone support around teeth. The teeth affected by periodontal (gum) disease gradually become looser and painful when chewing and in some cases will lead to tooth loss.

Periodontal (gum) disease when identified early is very treatable and you can avoid complex and costly remedial treatments.

Excellent oral hygiene measures undertaken by yourself at home will help keep periodontal disease away and maintain longevity of your teeth and gums.

We will communicate with you the status of your gum health and provide you with the knowledge and tools to maintain healthy gums. If you already have gum disease, we can perform periodontal (gum) therapy to restore them to health and function.

Dental Emergencies and Toothache

We understand that trauma to teeth, broken teeth or dentures, lost fillings, dislodged crowns and toothache can cause significant distress.

Often attending to these situations as soon as possible will prevent further damage to the teeth and gums. We will endeavour to see you promptly if you have a dental emergency and help make you comfortable again.

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